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Custom built blacksmithing tools. Some brief description of the best uses of our tools. Designed by a master with more than 40 years of experience.

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Swage Block 5 Sizes


Swage Block 5 Sizes

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Making Tenons? This is Your Solution! 

Artist Blacksmiths sometimes require a tool that will allow metal to be formed in ways that an anvil or traditional industrial swage block will not allow. We developed swage blocks that are individual and easy to handle that can be held in a vise. No more searching for the heavy expensive swage blocks, or having to manhandle one. This swage block is 6"  long and 2" wide and has 5 forming radius'. The width of each radius is 3/8"- 1/2"-5/8"-3/4"and7/8". This is a very useful tool. The swage is made of tough 60/45/15 ductile iron.  The tool has a 3/4'' bar on the underside to use on your post vise or modify to use on your anvil. The swage is used by Blacksmiths and Tinsmiths to form round stock for tenons etc. These swages have been produced for many years and  have proven to be very reliable and useful. We have 3 different varieties of swage blocks products used in the trade of blacksmiths so feel free to browse our inventory. Casting weighs approx.7 lbs. Made in the USA!

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